Saturday, 22 June 2013

How to handle your first period with sanitary napkin

It can be a daunting point of time for you; however, hopefully your Mother or someone else whom, you always look up for, have set you for this important occasion. In contrast though, if nobody has helped in preparations for this time, expectantly, this article will be helpful in making the timeless scary as probable.

One day you might be running around in a garden with friends or you might be merely watching the Television when you suddenly feel as if you need to go to your wash room. You might not understand why, as you didn’t even feel like going for urinating. Anyway, when you go there and you’re tidying up, you will notice a little blood on the tissue and you will panic! You do not know why you are actually bleeding there and you’re asking yourself, "When I got hurt there?" Don’t worry, you actually didn’t hurt yourself, it is normal. It is an important part of becoming a female and it is supposed to occur.

Sanitary Pad and Menstruation Panties are the most essential part of your menstrual cycle. If your older sister or Mom is at home, then shout for either of them and they will bring you a sanitary napkin pad or might be you will choose a tampon. Sanitary napkin pads are soft items (you’ll find them in the special care section of stores) which are placed on the panties and usually they sticks to it well, to keep them from moving. The tampon also is a soft product and it is positioned inside opening of your vagina, but you might need a little practice in getting that placed there properly.

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