Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Sanitary napkin pads- too out-fashioned for a woman on the move

A centurion would not recommend you buy one if you are a constant TV watcher these days. Women get caught up in the hype, that’s why! Sanitary napkin or a sanitary pad has become an article of reckoning if you ask me. Leave aside the embarrassment. The discomfort is way too much to handle. The last time someone must had thought before using a sanitary pad is unknown but what’s known is that the toil a teenager have already had is way too much.

Not much is known about the women who menstruated, only to understand that they can conceive. What did they do to stop it? Stop it from being the push from the society that gave rise to a menstruation pad. I think most of them were just simply happy for the attention they got. So must’ve got offers from the kings to be their mistresses. I would want to think it to be taken as a matter of pride more than as a matter of shame or embarrassment. The likeliness of both is even depending on which subcontinent were they born in. The Amazon tribes have had great respect for their women.  No wonder they aren’t fully dressed, nothing happens to them. I still believe that the man who had the idea of making menstruation panties had some agenda behind it. He must’ve said to himself like the joker of the batman comics. Why so serious? Take it out and throw it away. No hassle! Isn’t that all the more embarrassing and frustrating these days. Imagine a woman doing gym has menstruation panties on, can’t hide the stains and has got to use the restroom only to find it’s engaged.

Do you now understand the whole point of wearing underwear for period? It’s exactly what you think it is. More embarrassment. Ideally to hide the stain and the embarrassment we need to look for better options, options that’ll have a full body involvement and a collective effort of the peripherals of a woman. Let’s start by thinking about the possible evolution awaited. Woman is supposed to deliver babies even before the said decided date. So how did this happen. It’s a biological change and at the same times a change of mindset for both men and women.  Sanitary napkin pads companies however keep on making money till they sell their menstrual pad and wait till some researcher find the way out to biologically change the genome of a woman and have them contain the secretion and then device different method to take it out. A method which is a little more hygienic than regularly changing Sanitary napkin pads or always being a little conscious about staining while wearing a menstruation pad. Let’s say for example for animals there is no such process as menstruation and hence no menstrual pad so if the animals are evolved to become humans can humans not evolve back to become animals.

What I mean is that can we not have the better of it and stay happy for life. No more wet panties and no more sanitary napkin. I would for one again go in the favour of an underwear for period because we are still a long way to go for that great evolution that takes us to a new level of civilization and help us restore a little more pride for our ladies that they never had.

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Friday, 16 November 2012

Be Familiar With The Quality Of Sanitary Napkins And Pads

Sanitary pad or Sanitary napkin is the absorptive pad made of cotton as well as cellulose; these are worn by females at the time of monthly menstruation period. These menstrual pads are made of disposable and absorbent material and it absorbs the menstrual flow.

Tampons are also used during menstrual period; it is made of cotton or any other absorbent stuff that is inserted into the body to absorb the fluid of the body. The basic type used in day to day application is a normal disposable plug, which is made to be put in inside the vagina at the time of menstruation in order to soak up the blood flow. In the USA, the FDA determines tampons as the medical devices.

Different Kinds Of Sanitary Pads And Sanitary Napkins:

Panty Liner - It is designed to soak up the daily discharge vagina, light menstrual blood, slight enuresis, and “spotting".

Ultra-thin - It is a very thin Sanitary napkin or pad that one can use it regularly according to her requirement. Because of its thin size most of the females prefer to use these pads.

Regular - It is a middle range sanitary pad that is made for regular use during menstrual period.

Maxi / super - it is a larger sanitary pad that is effective at the beginning of the menstrual period when the flow of blood is more.

Night – These are longer sanitary napkin pads that allow more protection when a user is lying down, its size is slight longer than the regular sanitary pad, and These Night pads possess an absorbent material that is very much suitable for nightlong use.

Maternity - The menstrual pad is commonly slightly longer compared to a maxi/Super sanitary pad and these are made to worn to soak up lochia (the bleeding, which happens after childbirth). The special design of these sanitary napkin pads help a lot to females while they have undergone vaginal surgeries, abortion or childbirth.

Important Factors That Is To Be Considered At The Time Of Selecting Sanitary Napkins:

A menstruation pad is generally made of 3 layers:  absorbent layer, surface layer as well as underlying layer. But the selection of a menstruation pad must be based on several considerations that associate with the materials as well as the functions of those three layers.

Absorbency Layer - It is the middle layer and must have effectual absorption agents.

Surface Layer - This layer is preferred to bear a cotton surface with speedy absorption capability in order to avoid becoming wet skin.

Underlying Layer - The underlying layer must be designed of semi permeable materials.

Apart from these sanitary pads and napkins one can also get menstruation panties and underwear for period of menstruation. These menstruation panties and underwear for period are easily available in the market and one does not have to go here and there in search of these products. You are able to get those stuffs easily from a medical store in your locality or if you want you are able to order those from online stores.

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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

That Time in a Girls Life where she requires Sanitary napkin

When a girl transforms and graduates to womanhood it is every parent’s sadness because the little one has grown up. Most often children do not know what has happened to them when this occurs and hence the need for proper education about this natural phenomenon in a girl’s life. There are many brands of sanitary napkin pads available in the market. But what one must use are the ones that are not only absorbent but also easy on the purse.  There are many sanitary napkin pads that meet with the price range of their target audience and that do the job.

Many a time when a girl buys a sanitary napkin from the neighborhood store she feels a sense of discomfort. But this should not be a deterrent as it happens to every girl at various stages. A good sanitary napkin should be used and disposed of in the bin and never in the flush. There are people who may appear rather embarrassed to get rid of this with their daily trash, but this is better than a clogged drain. 

Rural folk in developing countries have not really experienced using a sanitary pad and are privy to unhygienic conditions. Because of this problem there have been many unassuming entrepreneurs who have taken it on themselves to educate the female folk. By ensuring that they use eco friendly fibers they make sure that the sanitary pad is well within the price range of the village and poorer sections of urban society.

There are stories that this generation has heard from their grandparents who have used the old cloth pads. This was used as a menstruation pad and once it was soaked they washed it and hung it to dry. In the good old days and perhaps some sections of society as well now, women are not allowed inside the kitchen during their period.  One can debate the issue but the objective is to ensure that irrespective of the sentiment adequate hygiene is implemented and suitable menstruation pads are used that absorb well.

During that time of the month when a lady has heavy flow wearing suitable menstruation panties plays a vital role. Keeping fit is a constant especially in this day and age where nobody would like to have an extra bit of flab stick out.  With this in order and with work timings being erratic, women must ensure that their menstruation panties do not leak leaving them redfaced with embarassment. 

There are ladies who have been opting for tampons for a while now as they insist on the absorbency being better than the average menstrual pad.  However, there isn’t everyone who would jump onto this bandwagon. There are so many sizes and with wings available from practically every brand available in the market. This makes it so much easier for the average lady who can pick and choose the size of her menstrual pad

When a lady is menstruating she invariable feels an immense sense of discomfort.  In fact prior to her getting her period for the month she displays symptoms unique to her like perhaps a bloated tummy, headache, pimples, mood changes, etc. Once her menses occurs every lady ensures that she has a well stocked range of underwear for period. Even though the underwear cabinet has a set of lacy boy shorts, designer thongs or the like, a must have is a range of underwear for period

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