Sunday, 20 January 2013

How to choose the best sanitary pad

The menstrual pad should be possibly be of cotton material that helps keep the surface dry and skin allergies away. The skin of women is very sensitive especially during periods. There are cases of allergies due to the material of the napkin. In cases of hyperactive allergen skin, doctor’s advice needs to be solicited. Sanitary napkins are available in variety of materials. While some are cotton, others are plastic.

The skin of every woman is different and the best way to check the suitability of material is through trial and error method. The material of the menstruation pad should be such that it helps skin breathe. The discharge varies during the entire menstrual period. Some days are marked with heavy flows while other days it tends to be normal. Every napkin is designed for specific purpose. One that perfectly matches the requirement should be selected.

Besides choosing the right sanitary napkin, allergies might occur due to low hygiene factors. Hands should be washed after touching the sanitary pad. The napkin is full of bacteria and hence hygiene is necessary. The menstruation panties should be of the right material and size. The used napkins should not be flushed and properly disposed. Women should always check the expiry date of the napkin before purchasing. A napkin should not be chosen on the basis of their fragrance or brand. Women should avoid napkins that are handed over as promotional material as their quality might be low due to negligible cost.

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